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Crisismanagement & -communication

1. Training Crisismanagement - Management

  • Basicworkshop Crisismanagement & -communication
  • Follow-up training Crisismanagement & -communication (customized)
  • Reputation management
  • Team management (customized)

2. Training Crisiscommunication - Communication department 

  • Social media + webcare
  • Dealing with the Press/spokesperson

3. Training Support Team(s) - Backoffice

  • Basicworkshop
  • How to organize the team (customized) 

4. Simulations  - (1 to 3)(customized)

  • Tailerd to maturity level
  • Monodisciplanary per country (if necessary)
  • Multidisciplanary for all

5. Services (customized)

  • Process and mediasupport by experts from In the Picture, during crisis
  • Crisismanagement chart
  • ‘Be aware of’; customized crises bulletins
  • How to make a Crisismanagement Plan
  • Evaluation of crises and learrningcurve

6. Risk awareness

Aware campaigns (customized)
  • To discover: attitude & awareness
  • To experience: gaining knowledge and experience
  • To get: behaviour changes

7. Crisismanagement within Business resilience                                  

Obvious benefits (customized)
  • One policy, common goals and objectives, less fragmentation
  • Common approach, consistency and coordination, less confusion
  • Synergie and time/cost saving
Key benefits (customized)
  • Innovative leadership
  • Holistic threat awareness
  • Optical risk response
  • Protect and improve brand value and reputation
  • Survival
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