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In the Picture since 1992

We live in a society in which infrastructural problems and human actions play an increasingly important role. IT hacking and cyber crime are the order of the day. Just like electricity failures, the consequences of changing weather conditions, administrative failure and other excesses, such as COVID-19. Events in which organizations often (inevitably) lag behind. Vulnerability is increasing in these areas, resulting in a major attack on reputation, security and continuity.

In The Picture is a natural point of contact for crisis management and communication regarding reputation, security and continuity issues. Our starting point is that not only the communication of the organization, but especially the organization of the communication determines the result. In the Picture helps organizations to forge distinctive, critical, successful crisis plans, to form the associated crisis teams and to train intensively.

In the Picture works for national and international companies and (government) organizations.

Management In the Picture and ITP Group

In the Picture works with a driven, experienced and agile team of trainers and specialists within various disciplines. Practice requires business resilience by being at the forefront of the latest developments. The organization creates many opportunities for this. Discovery, experiencing and experiential learning are the main key concepts here. For you this leads to up to date and full service crisis management & communication. The ITP Group was added at the end of 2017 (


Michiel Kuethe

Michiel Kuethe is CEO and owner of In the Picture. After his studies, he held marketing, communication and management positions at various multinational organizations, including advertising and design agencies.

He has many professional publications to his name and is founder of ERM (Employee Relations Management) and RiskUnited. In addition, senior lecturer of the Post-HBO Crisis Management Expert (CME) course at the Security Academy in Woerden. Since October 2016, Kuethe is the first S-CCMO certified (Seco-Certified Crisis Management Officer). He is also founding father of the ITP Group.

Experience in theory and practice:

  • Crisis communication specialist
  • Crisis coach 
  • Speaker at conferences and seminars
  • Teaches Masterclasses at Nyenrode Business University 

His starting point (based on Confucius):

"I've learned that people will forget what you say, forget what you do, but never forget what you make them feel. To me, that's the only end result that matters!”


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